Hoi4 crash at date

Could you please send us a new dxdiag after you updated your drivers?. Is it Windows, or Steam or Ylands that is providing this error (Windows will usually handle a crashed program, but Steam and Ylands are also capable of providing errors on startup!)?. can I still get a trial version somewhere? I'd like to try it out in one way or another. Also wonder if a crack might work. Is it still illegal to crack a game if I paid the creators for it? I mean, that's a base question I have, would other versions of the game work. found the older trial version was still there and deleted it.. I have the same problem with crashing on game launch, it just does not respond and exits everytime. A temporary fix that I found was creating a brand new user account on my Windows 10 and launching Ylands from there. I do not know why this is the case. I have looked at my main user account and new user account files, and I cannot find out what the problem is. Just bought and downloaded the game on release, launching it instantly gives me an error message explaining there has been a crash and a crash report has been saved. I tried the usual steps, restarting PC, running as admin, verifying game files. So from what you recommended. This apparently is a driver problem. Now, we've established that these new drivers don't really seem to fix this particular problem. There's a new one out today, I'll try that later but not getting my hopes up. Thank you, sounds good. I'll start downloading now, might take the entire afternoon due to slow internet. Happy to do it if there's a chance it helps. Just did a full and clean reinstall of Ylands on Steam. Still nothing - Still need help. I'll also mention again (Just as in the support request I sent) that the "output_log_clean" file I was asked repeadetly to include does not exist in the specified location. -Closing all antivirus and and antimalware applications before launching. Still hoping for a possible solution, thanks in advance,. -Fully uninstalling and doing a fresh re-download of Ylands. downloaded the Driver package from provided link, then did a manual istall, first having the installer uninstall everything and do a clean install. So. Can't figure out what's going on. It's been nearly a day now, and I've tried just about anything. Here's what I tried: -Setting.exe as always launch as admin, then starting trough Steam (Guy on the Steam forums said it fixed it). I am hesitant to refresh my Graphics card drivers (Just did that a few days ago, download takes too long due to slow internet and I don't have time for it right now). Not great news but very helpful. Sounds like it might work, so I'll run the driver update overnight. Thanks a lot. so I ran the download overnight and installed the new GPU driver today, then restarted my system. If it's Windows, there should be a more info button, and it should provide some form of error code, that could help us narrow down the cause. 3rd party solution maybe? - Driver Booster, get a free pro key from one of the hundreds of YouTube giveaway's (just search for driver booster 5 key). Currently also have a Steam thread running, dev response told me to ask here.