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  • all PPM would have the same delay, radio frequency play much smaller parts in this. is there any way to get telemetry over Taranis with this setup?. in the post i was referring to naze32, not sure if the Flip32 has the same pin layout yes sbus goes to RC pin 4 on naze32, that's the UART2 RX. Hi Oscar, Thanks very much for the info, great resource! I have the KK2.1.5 FC Flashed to Steveis firmware. I also have the X4R-SBUS flashed with new firmware, to allow CPPM and/or SBUS, and have also done the SBUS inversion hack. Please comment on the following, concerning using KK2.1.5 FC with different TX protocols, as the order of preference recommended by Steveis in his KK2 manual, is the opposite of what you Suggest. Do you think the differences cancel each other out? I read this in the Steveis KK2 manual. "Appendix E– Receiver selection To achieve the most accurate flight characteristics, the order of preference for Receiver selection is Standard > CPPM > DSM Satellite > SBUS The reason for the above is, the interrupt processing that is required to process the receiver channel output, increases as you go down the list. Interrupts that occur during the software PWM loop that generates the output pulses on M1 to M8 need to be kept as short as possible to minimise the jitter. Standard receivers will cause the least jitter, SBus the most. It also causes jitter in the self level calculation, resulting in the KK2.1.X knowing exactly which way is "up". If you only have motors and don't use Self Level, you probably won't notice any issues with SBus. If you have servos connected to M1-M6 you will notice some jitter with Satellites and SBus.". Any idea why this is the case? Where would I find what telemetry is output by any particular board? I would assume the firmware files would have this info but is there an easy way to "view" it?. ← Picking Cobra Motors for Mini Quad– 2204 1960KV, 2300KV, 2206 2100KV. The seriously dodo doesn't have a smart port like the CC3D. Can you add an image of the connection for sbus on the dodo pleasE? Thanks! Posted in Multicopter, Reviews and News, Tutorial and tagged beginners, multicopter, ppm, radio, rx, sbus on. However on the X4R-SB, it allows you to use the 3 additional PWM channels while running the 16 channels SBUS. So you can hook them up maybe to your servos, gimbals, loud buzzer etc where only accept PWM input. With PPM enabled on the D4R-II, you lose the PWM outputs. This is not what is happening. As sircrashalot mentioned here, what I'm finding is that channels 1, 2, 3 on the radio controls first 3 on S.Bus as well as PWM. I should have mentioned this specifically in my initial comment. Is there any way to have LED controlled by Cleanflight and X4R-SB via s-bus?. Hi Tim Yes the Naze rev6 has built-in inverter, so it should be plug and play:). Are there any issues with using the x4r with the Brainfpv controller? I cannot get the Taulabs software to acknowledge anything I do on my xd9+. Though I may not have it setup correctly. Thanks. I reckon this should be similar to how it's done with Naze32 sorry i don't have the answer as i haven't done it myself. This post is not trying to convince anyone to use SBUS over PPM, maybe PPM performs well enough for certain people, and SBUS might make no difference at all. But that is certainly some interesting fact and I can't wait to test it myself. Put the servo travel down to 100% in your transmitter and it will be gone. Hi Oscar. I've got an X4R-SB and connecting it via S.BUS to my flight controller successfully. But I'd like to use one of the PWM outputs (for a loud lost model buzzer). Your guide above suggests this is possible. But how and what channels on my Taranis are these available? I could not find anything in the provided manual. Hi Oscar, My problem is this, it seems that I have only 8 channels on my NAZE32 (rev6) I'm using a Futaba T8FG super freq= is enabled on FASST -MLT2 (thus 16 channels) My RX is the R6303SB. This means i am using the SBUS. If I test this all with Cleanflight (Betatflight) I only can us 4 Aux. And not more. What is wrong??? Using SBUS/S.Port on the X4R, there is no RPM sensor and the values reported by the TMP1 (temperature) sensor is erratic and is in the thousands. In comparison, the D4R shows a normal value. Try this method, i haven't tried it yet on SBUS so not sure it will work, but principle should be the same. About 50ms improvement compared to PPM might not sound like a lot, but it definitely helps! For example for looptime of 1000, each control loop takes 1ms to complete. By going SBUS your quad can react to your stick command 50 control loops earlier. Less delay in RC input will make your quad much more responsive.

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