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The Nuke programmers examined exactly, what happens on user side in a frequently done task. Speed up node creation workflow - reduce generally the number of needed Clicks. Ctrl+Delete should be the default behavior and mapped to the Delete Key. I can't think of any case where I need the vertices to be preserved, and if I can find one, it's certainly the exception and not the rule. - in Nuke for comparison: it takes you only pressing 2 keys. - Nuke: Hit R (for read node), press Enter: Done!!. - the standard workflows could be get a "fast line" and quick accesses (drag&drop textures etc). When you add a new texture or selecting the shader,. The following is something, I have already posted, but it belongs briefly mentioned here:. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The latest Alembic version supports particles, this should be supported and exposed in Maya so particles can be exported and imported between other apps, and ideally support a basic round-trip. Using Ctrl+Delete is deleting the edges and the vertices. I guess, so many things could be merged together like hypershade & nodegraph, or some of the many different animation editors. When also I recently heard, that the Maya developers currently rebuild the UI interface, I just want to say, that it is not only about finding nice icons. - abandon component index and work with object id + component index or remap to a single index list. Hotkey to hide all floating panels (toggle, especially on second screen). When deforming multiple geometries or grouped geo (not combined), you have to create deformers for every shape thus resulting in possibly large amounts of unmanageable deformers which are not complementary when painting or setting weights. Welcome to the Maya Ideas Community, where you can share ideas for future product features directly with the Maya team and collaborate on existing suggestions with your peers. Share an idea by clicking SUBMIT IDEA, vote on ideas you like by clicking VOTE, and socialize ideas on your favorite sites by clicking SHARE THIS IDEA. If you've discovered a BUG in our software, please let us know all about it using our bug reporting site, here. - It's similar in the channel box, when editing with right mouse button:. Many softwares have this implemented, because useres have often to switch and interact between different applications. The sad result is, that if they can avoid using Maya, they prefere switching to other softwares. Because Maya needs the most clicks, the most panels, the most time in standard workflows. Attribute Editor - clearer readability of sub-items (sub tabs). All community This category Idea Board Knowledge base Users.