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  • All the latest Nintendo goodness straight to your inbox. Video: Meet Pappy Van Poodle, The Nintendo Character Nobody Knew Existed. Get Pokémon And Detective Pikachu Discounts And Wallpapers With My Nintendo (North America). Guide: Pokémon GO Eevee Evolutions - Eevee Names To Evol. Guide: The Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD Cards In 2019. Thanks fans! Was this done by the same group that did the fantastic translation of AA Edgeworth 2?. I tried out the first few cases a couple of months ago; didn't realize they finished it. I'll find a way to play this, this is amazing! ^_^. Guide: How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon And Glaceon In Po. 3DS Sales Might Be Lower, But The Demand Is Still Stable. Capcom's official stance on the matter has always been that there won't be a western release for the game, although Capcom UK did once get fans' hopes up in a teasing tweet. Now, though, fans have taken it upon themselves to launch a version that is fully playable in English. @Zorox88 This is more in the vein of ROM patching. Piracy implies illegally obtaining a copy of the game. This run code on top of the existing game to change some assets. You need to hack your system to allow it to patch the translation over the game, but that doesn't necessarily mean the game needs to be pirated. LOLOL they better get to work on 2 then. More is on the way - the team are planning a release for Android and are still working on adding the game's 3DS manual - but those interested can give it a whirl now. You can find out more via the Scarlet Study website (note that, if it wasn't already obvious, this isn't an official release approved by Nintendo or Capcom). Have you always wanted to try this one out? Do you wish the game had been officially launched in the west? Tell us below. Played the first two cases last night, the animation is top notch by far the best of the series. The translation is great as well, there's parts where the chat log doesn't work for a few sentences, and I kind of wish they'd have shortened the Japanese names like capcom would have almost certainly done in a western release but other than that its a very good translation so far. As for the game the first episide is pretty standard stuff, it's the second one where you get to see something a bit different and it throws a few curveballs at you along the way. I like that so far it doesn't have any of the increasingly complicated mechanics they started throwing into the likes of 'spirit of justice' its much more of an old school Phoenix Wright but with its own new ideas of storytelling. The Great Ace Attorney Receives Full 3DS Translation Thanks To Fans. Here I thought this was a cruel joke This is amazing!. Get Discounts On Yoshi, Kirby And More With The Latest My Nintendo Rewards (Europe). Definitely curious to try this one out, though I've heard that the sequel is more or less required playing to get enjoyment out of the first game. Haven't touched the 3DS since the Switch came out but I'll have to find time now. Feature: The 50 Best Nintendo 3DS Games Of All Time - Zelda, Pokémon, Animal Crossing And More. Share this Link Preparing your link COPY LINK. The Best Couch Co-Op Games On Nintendo Switch. Double Fine's RAD Brings Its Apocalyptic 3D Action To Switch This August. Check your inboxes! It would appear that those fortunate enough to have been selected to take part in the closed beta test for Mario Kart Tour are starting to be notified via email. If you applied for the chance to take part, make sure to keep an eye on your inbox. Last month, Nintendo opened beta test applications for Android users in Japan and. Retro Shoot 'Em Up Cotton Making A Surprise Comeback On Switch. Our round-up of the best RPGs on the console At launch, Switch started with a steady sprinkle of decent releases, whether new games or ports from other platforms, but in the months that followed the software snowballed and now you can't move for quality titles across almost every category. The RPG genre is no exception. This list of the console's. Spooky stuff With all the hype surrounding the next Animal Crossing game, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC and Super Mario Maker 2 more recently, we wouldn't hold it against you if you forgot Luigi's next spooky outing for the Switch is also due out this year. In case it slipped your mind, Mario Kart Tour Beta Test Emails Appear To Be Rolling Out To Lucky Players. Play through levels together on a single Switch The recent Super Mario Maker 2 Direct presentation earlier this week bombarded us with a stack of new information about the upcoming Switch release, within the space of 17-minutes. While Nintendo has made it clear the game will support 4-player online and local wireless multiplayer, the press release. Vectronom Brings An Intense Take On Rhythm Action To Switch Next Week. A bit of a mis-fire For the uninitiated, Girls und Panzer is the sole manga/anime series brave enough to tackle an issue we've all been searching for an answer for but until now were too afraid to ask: What would happen if girls practised tank-based martial arts as a school sport? Dear readers, wonder no more. Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match DX. Pokémon Rumble Rush - A Simple Free-To-Play Outing That Only Hardcore Fans Will Love. Girls Und Panzer: Dream Tank Match DX - Yet Another Half-Hearted Anime Tie-In. An E3 appearance on the cards? If you're looking forward to learning a little more about the next instalments in the Pokémon franchise - Pokémon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch - it looks like you might just be in luck. According to Serebii, CoroCoro Ichiban (a sister magazine of the monthly CoroCoro Comic) has revealed that its next issue. How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon And Glaceon In Pokémon GO, With Or Without A Lure Module. Watch and learn You've watched the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct multiple times over, found out a bit more thanks to the game's eShop listing and perhaps heard more detailed explanations, so why not take the time out to listen to our lovely senior video producer, Alex Olney, talk about 19 secret details hidden in the latest presentation. Yep, we're. As voted by you lovely people In a little over two years Switch has amassed a huge amount of software - more than any Nintendo fan dared to dream after the slim pickings of the previous generation. Of course, this abundance of riches leaves us in something of a pickle - too many games, not enough time to play them all. In fairness, it's a very nice. Features Best Games Game Boy Retro Top 50. For The King - A Roguelike RPG That's Best Played With A Friend. Sniper Elite the only Switch newcomer UK chart data is now in for the week ending 18th May, revealing that Mario has managed to secure two top ten positions in another mostly quiet week at retail. A few Nintendo Switch games are scattered in and around the top twenty (below), and newcomer Sniper Elite V2 Remastered has debuted in 13th spot. The. It's all there on the game card In a recent Sonic the Hedgehog live stream over on YouTube and Twitch, Sega's Aaron Webber answered a question about microtransactions, paid DLC and if anything similar will feature in Team Sonic Racing. Despite many companies embracing this model like there's no tomorrow, Sega's development team have apparently. Watch this 18-second sample If the World of Light cinematic in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate left you craving a proper story set within the Smash universe, this new fan-made mini-series might be worth keeping an eye on. As Nintendo seemingly has no intentions to release its own movie or web series based on its all-star cast in the immediate future, a. Talented Artist Recreates Red And Blue Starter Evolutions As Different Pokémon Types. The Internet Is Obsessed With Nintendo's Good Boy, Undodog.

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